Adobe Express Embraces AI to Compete with Canva

Adobe Express Embraces AI to Compete with Canva

After a period of beta testing, Adobe is now launching AI-powered capabilities for its cloud-based design platform, Adobe Express. The company has integrated its Firefly generative AI model to enhance content creation accessibility, catering to individuals without professional design expertise. Comparable to platforms like Canva and Microsoft Designer, Adobe Express offers user-friendly templates for crafting social graphics, video editing, PDF embellishments, and more.

The updated version of Adobe Express is now available on desktop web for free, with mobile access scheduled for a forthcoming release. Existing Creative Cloud members will receive the Adobe Express Premium plan, a $9.99 monthly subscription that grants access to premium features and assets, at no additional cost. Furthermore, an Adobe Express enterprise tier has been introduced to accommodate larger teams requiring collaborative workflows.

While Adobe Express has been around since 2021, the integration of generative AI features through the Firefly model began development earlier this year in June. These new capabilities empower Express users to generate personalized images and text effects using text prompts across more than 100 languages. The latest Express version encompasses swift actions like automatic background removal and basic character animations driven by audio input. The full list of additions can be found on Adobe’s official website.

In some aspects, Adobe Express appears to be catching up with the popular design app Canva. Canva had incorporated AI-powered functions as early as 2019 with its automatic background removal tool, and its straightforward approach often serves as a more user-friendly alternative to complex image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. While the generative features within Adobe Express are impressive when functional, they are not quite on par with other Firefly-driven attributes like Photoshop Generative Fill. Nonetheless, Adobe assures users that Firefly is commercially secure for business application since it relies solely on Adobe-owned content. This assurance may sway some users towards adopting Adobe Express over other options.

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