Jury in Lucy Letby Trial Informed About Potential Majority Verdict

Jury in Lucy Letby Trial Informed About Potential Majority Verdict

Nurse Accused of Killing Seven Infants and Trying to Murder 10 Others at Chester Hospital

The jury in the trial of Lucy Letby has been informed that they can reach a majority decision on the charges accusing the nurse of murdering and attempting to murder infants.

The panel, consisting of seven women and four men, had been deliberating for a total of 76 hours. On Tuesday, Judge Mr Justice Goss instructed them that they could now reach verdicts if at least 10 of them are in agreement.

Lucy Letby, aged 33, has pleaded not guilty to the charges of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder 10 others at the Countess of Chester Hospital in north-west England, where she was employed.

The jury, seated at Manchester Crown Court, commenced deliberations on July 10 and are currently in their fourth week of considering the charges.

Last week, one juror was excused from duty due to what the judge referred to as “valid personal reasons.”

Letby was brought to trial based on the prosecution’s assertion of a premeditated and calculated series of killings spanning a year, beginning in June 2015. The allegations involve accusations of Letby injecting air into newborns, leading to their deaths, as well as attempting to poison others with insulin or tampering with their feeding tubes.

The prosecution presented evidence that consultant paediatricians expressed concerns about Letby after identifying what they termed her “common link” to the sudden and “unexplained” fatalities.

Among the incidents mentioned, one of the babies was reportedly only 24 hours old when Letby allegedly administered a fatal injection of air, causing the infant’s death just 90 minutes into her shift. It was further claimed that she attempted to kill the baby’s twin sister the following day.

Throughout the trial, Letby consistently denied the accusations. She maintained that several of the babies had received substandard care and should have been transferred to specialized facilities. Letby, who holds a university degree and is originally from Hereford, told the jury that she had never caused harm to any child. She emphasized her commitment to providing care and assistance, rather than causing harm.

In her testimony, Letby expressed the profound impact of being accused of these “sickening” crimes, describing how her world came to a standstill.

The trial is ongoing.

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