Large Creature with 20 Arms found in Antarctic Sea

Large Creature with 20 Arms found in Antarctic Sea

Picture a group of scientists on a research ship near Antarctica, eagerly pulling up their nets from the cold ocean waters. And guess what they found? A fascinating creature with not just one, not two, but a whopping 20 arms! This incredible discovery has led to the confirmation of a completely new species.

Between the years 2008 and 2017, these dedicated researchers embarked on multiple journeys across the Southern Ocean. Their goal? To uncover the secrets of a group of mysterious sea creatures known as Promachocrinus, or Antarctic feather stars. These ocean dwellers are quite sizeable and can make their homes at varying depths, anywhere from around 65 feet to a mind-boggling 6,500 feet beneath the water’s surface. And when these creatures swim, they give off an almost otherworldly vibe, captivating those who have the privilege to witness it. Now, it’s important to note that while both feather stars and the more famous sea stars are ocean animals without backbones, they’re actually quite distinct from each other.

Imagine the excitement of the researchers as they conducted their thorough surveys. Among their findings were eight feather stars that stood out due to their unique body shapes. And this remarkable encounter led to an amazing revelation: a brand-new species! The newly identified creature has been officially named the “Antarctic strawberry feather star,” or scientifically referred to as Promachocrinus fragarius.

So, what makes this creature so special? Well, at its core, it has a central body that looks a bit like a strawberry, from which an astonishing 20 arms radiate outward. And if that isn’t intriguing enough, these creatures come in various colors, ranging from a purplish hue to a deep, rich reddish tone. While the exact size hasn’t been provided, the photographs of this unique being speak volumes.

Take a closer look at the pictures, and you’ll notice something quite interesting. There are two types of arms: the shorter ones towards the bottom appear textured and striped, while the longer ones on top have a softer, feather-like appearance. Zoom in even further, and you’ll see that the lower part of the creature’s body has a triangular shape – wider at the top and narrowing to a rounded bottom. The surface is adorned with intriguing bumps and circular marks, likely remnants of arms that were once a part of its form.

What’s even more delightful is how the researchers decided to name this newfound marvel. Drawing inspiration from its uncanny resemblance to a strawberry’s shape, they aptly coined the name “Antarctic strawberry feather star.” This captivating creature has been spotted across a range of depths within the Southern Ocean, dwelling anywhere from about 215 feet to approximately 3,840 feet below the water’s surface.

Unraveling the mystery of this new species involved a combination of closely examining its unique bodily features and conducting a thorough DNA analysis, providing valuable insights into its distinct identity.

The talented team responsible for this discovery includes individuals like Emily McLaughlin, Nerida Wilson, and Greg Rouse. And this extraordinary find isn’t the only gem they’ve uncovered. Alongside the Antarctic strawberry feather star, the researchers have also documented the existence of several other Antarctic feather star species, including the exciting revelation of three more brand-new species. This incredible journey of exploration reminds us of the boundless wonders that lie beneath the ocean’s surface, waiting to be discovered and admired.

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