Massive Fire Breaks Out at Dresden’s Waste Disposal Facility

Massive Fire Breaks Out at Dresden’s Waste Disposal Facility

A fire erupted in a disposal facility located in the heart of Dresden shortly after midnight, emitting smoke that is now spreading throughout the city. Local residents are advised to keep their windows and doors shut as a precaution. The incident took place at a hall owned by the disposal company Veolia on Thursday night. The fire broke out around midnight at the facility situated on Rosenstrasse within the Wilsdruffer suburb.

The flames quickly engulfed the structure, breaking through its roof. The facility primarily housed packaging waste collected from the distinctive yellow bags, in addition to a number of vehicles and machinery. The situation was exacerbated by a series of explosions that could be heard from the site. Initial efforts to combat the blaze were focused on external containment. Around 100 firefighters from multiple units worked diligently to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby structures. While a spokesperson for the fire department reported that the situation was under control in the morning, they also indicated that the operation would likely continue for several more hours.

Due to the substantial volume of smoke generated by the fire, the fire brigade issued a request for residents residing within a two-kilometer radius of Rosenstrasse to keep their windows and doors closed. Furthermore, individuals were advised to turn off air conditioning and ventilation systems to prevent the influx of smoke into their homes.

In response to the emergency, the regional control center in Dresden activated a warning through the federal alert system, which is accessible via applications such as NINA. Once the hazard subsides, an all-clear notification will also be disseminated using the same method.

Meanwhile, local law enforcement in Dresden took precautions by cordoning off Freiberger Strasse between Jagdweg and Hirschfelder Strasse in both directions, effectively diverting traffic away from the firefighting operations. Motorists familiar with the area were encouraged to seek alternate routes. Click here to know more.

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