Suga Discusses Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 in Captivating Video.

Suga Discusses Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 in Captivating Video.

suga samsung z5 flip phoneK-pop stars like BLACKPINK and BTS are big fans of Samsung’s phones. Recently, BTS’s Suga had a virtual chat with Won-Joon Choi, who leads Samsung Mobile’s research and development team. They discussed Samsung’s latest flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip5.

Suga, who loves technology and new smart devices, was curious about how Samsung came up with the idea of foldable phones. Choi explained that Samsung takes pride in its technological innovations and wanted to make a phone with a bigger screen while keeping it small and portable. Suga was impressed by this ambitious vision.

During their conversation, Suga asked about the phone’s hinge technology. Choi explained that the hinge in a foldable phone is made up of many small parts working together, which makes it a challenging engineering task. He also emphasized the importance of perfecting three key elements for the success of foldable devices.

The Galaxy Z Flip5 is currently available for pre-order in eight different colors and will start shipping on August 11.

Suga’s video discussion with Won-Joon Choi gives us a clear understanding of the exciting features of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5. It’s amazing to see how Samsung’s dedication to innovation is shaping the future of smartphones.

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