Surge in Monkeypox cases in China

Surge in Monkeypox cases in China

In July, there were 491 confirmed cases of monkeypox reported on the Chinese mainland, a significant increase from the 106 cases recorded in June, according to data released by the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Thankfully, there have been no severe cases or deaths related to the virus since June.

The surge in infections over the past two months can be attributed to several factors. The virus has been quietly spreading among men who have had sexual contact with other men. There has been proactive testing and reporting within high-risk groups. Additionally, the risk of imported cases from overseas has been on the rise, as noted by the China CDC on its official website.

The infections reported in July were spread across 23 different provincial-level regions. Notably, all cases in July were found in males, with a striking 96.3 percent of them being men who had engaged in sexual activity with other men.

Transmission risk through other means remained low. Close contacts who did not have sexual contact with confirmed patients did not contract the virus, indicating that the virus’s spread primarily involves sexual transmission.

The China CDC’s data showed that a significant portion (89.2 percent) of infections were detected when patients sought treatment on their own. An additional 6.5 percent were identified through screening and tracing efforts as close contacts, while the remaining cases self-reported their infections.

Typical symptoms exhibited by the majority of patients included fever, herpes, and swollen lymph nodes.

To curb the outbreak, the China CDC plans to intensify education campaigns targeting men who have sex with other men. These efforts will include distributing health promotion materials at venues such as pubs, clubs, and bathing pools – places frequented by high-risk individuals. Social media platforms will also be utilized, and collaboration with social organizations will help disseminate essential disease prevention knowledge.

In this ongoing fight against monkeypox, a comprehensive approach that combines education, awareness, and proactive testing is being deployed to safeguard public health.

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