Thanh’s penalty save at Women’s World Cup


Vietnam goalkeeper Thanh’s penalty save at Women’s World Cup

In a thrilling opening match at the Women’s World Cup, the United States secured a convincing 3-0 victory against Vietnam at Eden Park in Auckland.

The star of the show was undoubtedly Sophia Smith, who showcased her brilliance and demonstrated why she is considered a favorite to win the Golden Boot award. Smith scored two fantastic goals, setting the tone for the team’s success.

Captain Lindsay Horan further bolstered the US team’s lead by adding a third goal in the 78th minute, sealing the victory with her impressive performance.

Throughout the match, VAR played a crucial role in ensuring fair play. It came into action when reviewing Smith’s second goal, ensuring there were no offside violations before confirming the goal’s legitimacy.

Moreover, the US team was awarded a penalty in the 39th minute following a foul on Trinity Rodman. However, despite being a star striker, Alex Morgan’s penalty attempt was brilliantly saved by Vietnam’s goalkeeper, Trần Thị Kim Thanh.

The remarkable save by Thanh became a turning point, evoking immense joy and celebration from her teammates. This heartwarming moment showcased the true spirit of the Women’s World Cup, where both skill and sportsmanship are celebrated.

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