Water boiling requirement for the city of Hof

Water boiling requirement for the city of Hof

City authorities in Hof have detected bacterial contamination in the drinking water supply during routine checks. The issue seems to stem from a little-used water pipe in the HofBad facility, which might have led to the contamination.

To ensure public safety, both the local utility company and health department are advising Hof’s residents to boil their tap water before consuming it. This precautionary boil-water notice will remain in place until further tests on the water confirm its safety. Accredited laboratories have already initiated additional water analyses. The impact extends to both the urban Hof area and the Köditz district of Brunnental.

The Stadtwerke Hof will promptly notify the public as soon as the boiling requirement is lifted. A standard kettle is sufficient to bring the water to a boil.

For those affected, it’s recommended to bring tap water to a rolling boil. Once boiled, allowing it to cool for at least ten minutes renders it safe for activities like food preparation, dental hygiene, and cleaning wounds. It’s important to note that toilet flushing and other non-consumable uses do not require boiled water.

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